Eight Ways Sales Enablement Helps Drive Revenue


Chris Keuch

Chris Kuech of Adaptive Tech reveals eight ways Sales Enablement can help drive revenue for your business.

Sales enablement is a phrase inching progressively closer to center stage in the modern B2B organization.

Companies are continually looking to scale up their sales teams to meet aggressive growth goals and this is seemingly done through hiring more and more sales people.

But what happens when goals aren’t met, processes aren’t in place, and training isn’t available?

Well executives start to look inward to see where it all went wrong – and that’s where having a proper sales enablement strategy in place can help keep the revenue coming.

Across Adaptive Tech’s customer base, the focus on enablement swings wildly. For some organizations, it’s a central role and one which commands huge base salaries and top candidates. For others, it’s an afterthought – left to an ill-defined group comprised of VPs, marketers and reps themselves to figure out.

So, what exactly is sales enablement?

While there are a ton of definitions out there, it basically boils down to having the right strategic processes in place that blend together sales, marketing, technology and on-going training. These combine to make sure sales reps have the right knowledge, tools and content to interact with prospects at any given time during the sales process which in turn gives them the best opportunity to close the deal.

Reps need to spend more time on revenue generating activities!

So how can a sales enablement process help?

This needs to be done by marrying together marketing, training, and sales. Key things a sales enablement team can provide that.

Reps need to have:

  • Easy access to content that help push sales along, this is content that is personalized and specific for each unique sales process.This is where technology platforms like bigtincan, seismic, and brain shark can help!
  • Amazing case studies! Reps love the ability to share stories of past success that can help prospective buyers under how their problem can be solved by the reps solution. This illustrates to a prospective buyer, Hey! this company had a similar problem to mine and their solution seemed to solve that problem.
  • Quick stats – Reps love to be able to quote industry facts or knowledge – this lets them on the fly be able to quickly sound like an expert in their field and also opens the opportunity to educate the buyer.
  • Competitor information – Reps love to know what their competitors are doing differently them or how their product/offering stacks up. Have this type of information equips reps with the ability to quickly know exactly how their product differs and what kind of unique selling opportunities that might present.
  • Video testimonials – with videos soon to account for 80% of overall internet traffic have unique customer testimonials that reps can share with prospective buyers is an invaluable tool that can help push the sale along.
  • Technology – I touched on this earlier but the best and most competitive companies in the market are constantly assessing do we have best tools and technologies in place that will help our sales reps achieve company objects. Having the right tools in place can give reps critical information, insight, and content at the exact moment they need during the sales process, which gives them the best opportunity to close the sale.
  • Best sales practices – The best sales teams are ones with Reps who are continually sharing what works and best practices across the organization. Whether that’s sharing specific content, pitches, or new industry information collaboration is critical to continued success.
  • On-going sales training – This is a critical step in making sure reps have up to date knowledge on the new sales techniques, processes, and playbooks. This isn’t done in 1 or 2 meetings a year where everything shuts down and reps are shoved in a room with their head in a book for 72 hours. This needs to be implemented over the entire year in bit sized chunks that are more digestible and can then be more easily assessed and changed as needed.

All these techniques married together is what makes the best sales organizations keep exceeding higher and higher revenue goals year after year.

Bringing together marketing, sales, and training helps keep the sales machine well-oiled and ready to deliver results.