Enterprise Sales

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Enterprise Sales

Recruitment of high-performing Account Executives is Adaptive Tech's core market

We manage one of the world's largest networks of individual contributors in the SaaS space, and help clients identify and engage top-percentile talent to build winning teams

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    Our team screens sales performance with a fine-tooth comb. Quota attainment, peer ranking, average deal size, sales cycle, sales support environment - we don't just want the numbers, we want the story behind them

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    Career Stability

    We review every career move on a candidate profile, understanding the context to each transition. Just like our clients, we're looking for strong periods of continued multi-year employment demonstrating repeat quota achievement

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    Adaptive connects clients with candidates whose sales focus and contact networks offer synergy with existing customer bases or open doors into new market sectors

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    Deal History

    We go beyond sales numbers  to look at deal sizes and structures, sales cycles and customer concentration to provide clients with a complete understanding of contextualized track record

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