Partnerships & Alliances

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Partnerships & Alliances

Cultivating Partnerships and Alliances that drive business growth are key. Adaptive are networked with professionals who bring proven experience, that can take your business relationships to the next level. 

If you're looking at setting up a new function, growing a pipeline of new software partners, someone to lead strategic negotiations with new partners and expand industry alliances with both new and existing partners, then we can identify the best.

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    Our team is continuously speaking with the highest performing candidates, allowing our Consultants to quickly identify the right talent for your business, who can bring a network which can be leveraged for your business. We focus on candidates who bring experience working with customers specifically within your ecosystem.

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    Industry Vertical Expertise

    Adaptive gain a detailed understanding of your requirements, allowing us to target candidates who bring knowledge and industry experience within your niche market vertical. This enables our candidates to hit the ground running from day one.

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    Commercial Mindset

    Whether it's expanding existing relationships or forging new alliances, we qualify candidates that have handled the full life cycle, including experience of negotiating, structuring new contracts and closing deals.

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    Our candidates bring market knowledge and expertise working within start-up environments as well as for large global players handling complex enterprise software solutions. Through a deep understanding of a roles requirements, we ensure that only hyper relevant candidates are approached, who bring the market know-how required to create deep Parnterships.