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Sales Management

Leading from the front

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Sales Management

Hiring a VP of Sales is among the most important decision a SaaS company can make

Adaptive's network includes sales leaders with proven success stories from start-ups to global enterprise teams

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    For early-phase SaaS companies, a VP can be as much a lead recruiter as they are a sales manager. For established sales teams, the focus shifts to motivation, comp plan design, territory assignation and strategy. We work with clients to understand the business goals hiring the VP hire and ensure the right fit

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    Career Trajectory

    Our team looks to understand the story behind each resume -  employer size, funding, role objectives and achievements. We work to understand the dynamics behind each career step and assess the match with client needs

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    Track Record

    We provide clients a full summary of candidate achievements, from team and individual quota attainment to hiring and team-building performance

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    Strong financial performance doesn't guarantee a fit - our team screens candidates for professional sales training credentials, business development methodology and management philosophy