Content Marketing

The creation, distribution and publishing of content is key for a SaaS company to reach their specific target audiences. 

Whether you're looking to hire someone to lead the overall content strategy, a creative specialist who creates bespoke content such as blogs, landing pages, white papers, email marketing, PR, social media and paid media, Adaptive have access to and can qualify the top talent for your marketing team.

Utilising SEO best practices to improve content performance and increase quality traffic driven to the website, is a core skillset our candidates bring, additional resulting in increased conversions.

We understand the importance of hiring a Content Marketeer who can set an annual content calendar plan, that will elevate and drive traffic, market share, KPIs and content engagement.

Having a solid understanding of SEO is key to increase the quality of traffic and to attract the maximum number of visitors to your website.

It's important to hire a content marketing professional who stays up to date with the latest SEO developments, to constantly optimise their content creation.

A strong content marketeer leverages data to drive their content marketing strategy and efforts. Understanding the story of the data to identify content gaps and develop an insight into user behaviour, is crucial.

​Adaptive are networked with content marketing professionals, who bring a proven experience working with data to analyse, understand and optimise their content.

Project Management
Many Content Marketing roles require strong project management and communication skills, as they are likely to be responsible for working with multiple teams and units, including managing external parties be it agencies and or freelance contributors and copywriters.

Industry Knowledge
Our clients look for candidates who are industry specific and through our extensive network we use our expertise to ensure we are engaging with candidates that fit the bill.

​Whether you're searching for someone coming from a niche-market sectors of the SaaS space such as MedTech, MarTech, FinTech, PropTech, as well as Big Data/Analytics and Cybersecurity, we can connect with the talent that will drive your business forwards