Enterprise Sales

Recruitment of high-performing Account Executives is Adaptive Tech's core market

We manage one of the world's largest networks of individual contributors in the SaaS space, and help clients identify and engage top-percentile talent to build winning teams.

Our team screens sales performance with a fine-tooth comb. Quota attainment, peer ranking, average deal size, sales cycle, sales support environment - we don't just want the numbers, we want the story behind them.

Career Stability
We review every career move on a candidate profile, understanding the context to each transition. Just like our clients, we're looking for strong periods of continued multi-year employment demonstrating repeat quota achievement.

Adaptive connects clients with candidates whose sales focus and contact networks offer synergy with existing customer bases or open doors into new market sectors.

Deal History
We go beyond sales numbers  to look at deal sizes and structures, sales cycles and customer concentration to provide clients with a complete understanding of contextualized track record.

Active jobs

Business Development Manager

OTE up to 24 mil JPY 60/40 split
Business Development Manager / Tokyo We're seeking a highly motivate, experienced Business Development Manager to join our client's rapidly expanding team in Tokyo. Our client is lobal leading provider of professional services, dedicated to revolutionizing clients’ businesses with customized solutions, services, and consultations to boost sales, enhance productivity, and improve operational and marketing efficiency. Responsibilities: Strong consultative ability in delivering IT sales revenue and identifying customer business problems to align with our IT services portfolio, positioning our services. Driving enterprise sales process from inception, qualification to closure. Work on RFP’s and qualify sales opportunities with the internal presales and governance team to lead and generate revenue and sales pipeline. Consumption based sales target a distinct advantage in the region. Regularly updates CRM with pertinent deal information and pursue and cultivates leads to generate new opportunities. Demonstrates a deep understanding of the customers’ needs, directs the customer relationship with C-level, proposal, pricing and negotiating the deal to completion. Developing and executing sales pipeline and building and maintaining relationships with key decision-makers. Establishing and achieving new business revenue targets. Working with partners and internal technical teams to support customers business needs. Ownership with full responsibility of the sales P&L and revenue acceleration. Requirements: Qualification: Preferably bachelor’s degree in Engineering. 6 years of overall experience with at least 4 years of strong and relevant enterprise sales selling experience in digital transformation solutions and OT/IT services experience. Knowledge of Cloud adoption and the positioning of digital engineering services. IT industry experience in Data Management / Analytics / Cloud/ SaaS/B2B software. Experience working in a multi-cultural environment and management of sales pursuits with experience in enterprise in the territory. Established connections with the key stake holders in the industry and techno-commercial skills and experience is a prerequisite. Experience selling into large enterprise accounts and managing sales pipeline and revenue exceeding quota YoY for large enterprise software solutions. Ability to deliver clear, accurate and concise written and oral communications in English and Japanese and with excellent strategic thinking and negotiation skills. Experience in early-stage start-up or fast-paced environments preferred and with a strong virtual presence and presentation skills with knowledge of the tools and techniques. If this role aligns with your career aspirations, seize the opportunity and apply today! No CV? No problem – utilize your LinkedIn or XING profile. If you know someone who would excel in this position, encourage them to apply. Take advantage of our referral program, where you receive €500 / £425 / $530 / SGD730 for a successful referral, and we make an equal charitable donation. For any questions or further information, please contact Alisa Liddell: alisa.liddell@adaptivebusinessgroup.com +442034733808 #LI-AL1

Key Account Manager - IVD/Molecular Diagnostics

€70k-€80k + bonus
We are looking for a Key Account Manager to deliver direct sales for an IVD product supplier. COMPANY - Operate in the In-vitro diagnostics space, providing molecular diagnostic products. Customised development and contract manufacturing services. - Covering Food Testing, Genomics, Life Science Research and Lab Solutions. - HQ is Berlin - Big growth plans, driven by new Head of Global Sales who has an exceptional track record in the space. ROLE - Reporting to Head of Global Sales - Direct Sales in the DACH market - Circa 75% sales from existing business, 25% new customers - €70k-€80k fixed + 20% bonus - this is flexible, so if this sounds interesting but not the right package then please let me know. - Fluent German required - Based anywhere in Germany If this sounds interesting and you have experience in the areas of IVD, Molecular Diagnostics, Genomics etc then please get in touch. #LI-OW1 #LI-Remote

Enterprise Account Executive - MarTech SaaS - $130k base / $260k OTE

United States
$130k base / $260k OTE + stock options
Enterprise Account Executive - MarTech SaaS Platform Company - Customer Engagement Platform, APAC founded. - Series E funded, IPO in 3-4 years. - Industry leader in 8 G2 categories, niche player in GMQ and strong performer in Forrester Wave. - Major focus on US growth Role - Joining team of 2 x Enterprise AEs who are both set to exceed target (FY Apr-Mar) - Selling to Retail, FS, Travel, Media and Telco verticals - Supported by SDR and Marketing team (generate circa 30% of own pipeline) - $130k base / $260k OTE + stock options - Preference for EST timezone but can be remote from anywhere in the US. If this sounds interesting and you have experience selling MarTech SaaS to Enterprise or Upper Mid-market companies then please get in touch to learn more. #LI-OW1 #LI-Remote

Sales Manager - Healthcare

€70k-€90k base + commission
We are looking for a Sales Manager to deliver new business sales for a Munich-founded healthcare startup. COMPANY - Deliver a connected care platform and app, giving patients their entire health in one app with communication and monitoring from care providers. - Digitising healthcare with the ambition to become a global leading healthcare platform. - Notable clients such as; University Hospital Mannheim and the Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich. ROLE - Deliver new business sales primarily in the DACH market. - Targeting big deals with large chains in the hospital space, medical devices, General Practitioners etc - Work directly with the founder and incoming sales lead. The position would be based from Munich. If you have healthcare sales experience (software or hardware) please get in touch. #LI-OW1

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20. 06. 2023

Five Traits of Effective Internal Recruiters

Do agencies really despise working with in-house recruiters as much as people think? Not at all. In fact, Adaptive has some great partnerships with Talent Acquisition teams that have generated amazing results and built outstanding sales teams for SaaS clients.But what makes these internal recruiters so good? It’s a cliché as old as the recruitment industry itself that agencies hate working with internal (or in-house) recruiters. "They’re our competition!""They steal our candidates!"Well, sure… if agencies and internal recruitment teams don’t establish a good rapport, there can be some overlap and some friction. Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to work with some exceptionally accomplished internal recruitment professionals. People who not only make the process of working with an agency smooth and productive, but who add massive value to their employers are a vital ingredient in the overall mix of business growth.  So what makes these guys stand out?Let’s get the obvious things out of the way first...They’re extremely responsive, of course. Though they’re probably among the busiest people in their companies, they keep everyone in the recruitment process looped in with frequent updates. They don’t let communication backlog while they wait to find time to hammer out long reports – instead they give quick, simple feedback on the hoof that lets people know where they stand.It helps keep us (the agency) engaged and on top of our game, and it does wonders for the employer brand. Even unsuccessful candidates have a professional, responsive interview experience and are way more likely to recommend the company to their networks.Obviously, they’re organized. From automating scheduling via tools like Calendly to laying down the law with agencies on how they want resume files named and submitted, they prioritize automation and efficiency in their work, which in turn helps them keep on top of their communication and stay productive. Most importantly, though, they drive the recruitment process internally. For those who’ve never put themselves in the shoes of an internal recruiter inside a fast-growing company - it’s a tough gig. The common vision among some agency recruiters that our internal counterparts sit around waiting for profiles to roll in and then spend the rest of their time managing calendars is a million miles off. Great recruiters don’t blindly continue to send resume after resume to the desk of a non-responsive VP who’s nixed ten great candidates in a row – they walk down the hall and ask what’s going on. They also protect their own time, which often means pro-actively re-qualifying roles and priorities instead of waiting to be told that a search has been pulled. And how do they build this clout?Because the real rockstars in the talent acquisition world know that none of their company’s goals can be hit without the right team in place, and they take that responsibility as seriously as any founder.Top internal recruiters are highly invested in their company’s growth, and they earn the seniority and leverage needed to continually ensure recruitment makes it as a priority onto the calendars of busy people absorbed in other challenges. They don’t visualize their roles in terms of clearing reqs off their desk, they see themselves (rightly) as growth architects playing a pivotal, strategic role in assembling the company’s human capital. * * *On behalf of the whole team at Adaptive Tech, thanks to all the internal recruitment teams we partner with who work so hard to build the sales teams that power their companies’ growth.  Know a great internal recruiter? Tag them in the comments below. You can learn more about the SaaS sectors Adaptive Tech recruits for here. 
11. 06. 2021

How to have a boost in productivity - working from home edition!

Working from home has become the norm for many of us during the pandemic and it looks like it might just be here to stay for a lot us too! It’s great to have the flexibility that comes with working from home, but it’s also a totally different ballgame and something that we need to adapt to as it certainly comes with its challenges. Whether you’re a work from home pro or are still struggling to get accustomed to this new way of life, here are some top tips and reminders to help keep productivity high on a work from home day without compromising your wellbeing: 1.     Try to get into a routine. It can sometimes be tempting to sleep in on a home office day and just roll out of bed and get straight into work, but it’s far more beneficial to get into a routine and have time to mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead. It’s also nice to have some time to yourself before diving into work. Use the time that you would usually spend commuting in a positive way, you could try yoga, meditation or even just spending extra time treating yourself to a lovely breakfast! Did someone say pancakes?2.     Create your designated workspace. Whether you have an office room or not, you should avoid working from your bed or sofa as these should be your spaces for relaxation. Try to create a working space with a desk/table and a comfortable chair and make it YOURS, add items to make it an enjoyable space to be in, this could be your favourite plant or some artwork but try to keep clutter to a minimum because, after all, a tidy space = a tidy mind!3.     Don’t overwhelm yourself. Making a plan for each day can be really valuable and help to give your day some structure but be realistic about the how much you can get done. Make your to-do lists reasonable and be flexible! If you give yourself too many tasks to complete in one day, the thought of even starting the first task can be so daunting that you’ll be more likely to procrastinate and have to rush through your tasks later on. Figure out what works for you for instance, some people like to work to a schedule and adopt time management practices such as the Pomorodo Technique (work for 25 minute intervals, followed by a 5-10 minute break).4.     Take a proper break! When you’re working from home, it can be strangely easy to just keep working through lunch and not step away from your desk for a proper break and change of scenery, but studies have actually shown that taking time away from your desk can directly increase productivity and creativity! Going for a walk or spending time outside is even better for your well-being, soak up that Vitamin D!5.     Hydration, hydration, hydration. Okay, you’ve heard this 100 times before but it never hurts to be reminded. An easy way to ensure that you’re drinking enough water is to buy a time marked water bottle. Fill it up in the morning, set yourself a challenge and make sure that you finish it before the end of the day. You might just notice that your concentration is better, and it will help to keep headaches at bay, particularly when you’re on screens all day!6.     Limit distractions. Of course, we can’t always control everything but do try to control what you can. If you have a particularly demanding project or are under time constraints, you could try removing distractions; let friends/family know not to disturb you, close the door, put your phone on airplane mode or in another room and switch off that TV!7.     Try a productivity tool/app. Utilising productivity tools can be the extra push that you need; they give you incentives and motivate you and there are so many to choose from! Try an app such as Forest, where you plant a virtual tree that takes, for example, ten minutes to grow, and if you can stay off your phone long enough, the tree will finish growing and be added to your on-screen forest, but if you return to your phone too fast, the tree withers and dies. It’s a light-hearted way to avoid digital distractions and gives you a sense of satisfaction! What tips do you have to stay productive at home?
24. 04. 2020

Video Interview Preparation - Tips & Tricks

As businesses across the globe are forced to transition to a remote and digital workforce, so are interviews.  Zoom, Skype, Teams and other video conferencing tools are becoming today’s interviewing norm. The truth is, whether you’re an interview guru or just jumping back into the job market, technical issues and unexpected trip-ups are now more possible than ever before.  So be prepared. Put yourself in the best situation to ensure you crush your video interview.Below are a handful of tips and tricks gathered from recruiters, hiring managers, candidates and industry professionals to put you in the best position possible: PREPARE YOUR TECHNOLOGY In an ideal, even typical situation, you would be sitting across the table from your recruiter or hiring manager.  However, with today’s circumstances, video conferencing is the next best thing.  With this, comes different video platforms; you should check to see if you need to create an account, download an app, or insert a password.  Additionally, be sure to test your connection prior to the interview.  You don’t want your first impression to be that you were late because you couldn’t figure out the platform. Test your camera and mic – nothing else can start an interview on the wrong foot, than a webcam or mic malfunction.  You don’t want to be the “Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?” interviewee. This one seems simple, but is commonly one that is forgotten…charge your device!  Whether you are taking the interview on your phone or computer, be sure you are sufficiently charged or if possible, plug into a power source. DRESS THE PARTYou should still dress to impress!  This helps to not only boost confidence, but will also leave a strong first impression.  Plan to wear the same clothes you’d wear if you were meeting in-person…yes this includes pants.  We have all heard the jokes about taking video calls in your underwear, but don’t let that be you.  Most likely, the interviewer(s) will only see your face and shoulders, but you should be prepared. BODY LANGUAGE AND SPEECHVideo interviews can be uncomfortable and seem unnatural, but do your best to be yourself and get your personality across.  Be mindful of your posture, remember to nod and be engaged, try not to fidget, and don’t forget to smile!  Gesture with your hands as you normally would and don’t feel restricted or stiff just because you are talking to a computer screen. Do your best to speak clearly and deliberately.  Issues with internet and connection can occur and this can cause delays or sound quality issues.  So be adaptable and do your best to ensure your audience is understanding you.  Try pausing momentarily before responding, as there can be a delay and cause you to talk over one another. Eye contact.  This one can be a bit more challenging depending on your computer/webcam set up, how many interviewers are on the call or how the platform displays the video.  Your impulse is typically to look at the face on the screen or be distracted by yourself.  A few helpful tips:Look at the camera as much as you can (this will give the appearance of making eye contact)Place a sticky note over yourself on your screen as to not be distractedPosition your camera at eye-level for the most flattering and straight forward anglePractice! (remember it doesn’t come natural to look at the camera rather than the people on the screen) BE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR ENVIRONMENTBeware of any potential distractions such as family, friends or pets.  Try to ensure you have privacy and won’t be interrupted or distracted.Turn your camera on before your interview and evaluate your background and lighting.  Have a professional, clean and clutter-free background within the frame. And don’t forget to check your lighting, no one wants to join an interview and realize you are so backlit, it looks like you’re taking the call from a dungeon. If the lighting isn’t favorable:Try facing a window to get natural lightSet up a light or two behind the screen to brighten yourself and backgroundIncrease the brightness on your screen to add some illumination to your face BE ADAPTABLEIt’s important to remember that technical issues or distractions can and do happen, even if you prepare.  Things can take place on your end or the interviewers, they are in the same situation as you and working to do what they can to give you the best interview experience. Be patient and be understanding. DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW UPThis will always be a best practice for any type of interview.  Remember to leave a strong impression and send a thank you note to the interviewer(s)