Sales Enablement & Sales Operations

It's important that a sales team is equipped with the tools necessary to sell effectively. The unique positioning of the role within a business, allows this strategic function to directly impact the SaaS sales process.

We know the integral importance of hiring candidates that bring experience of sitting as the connection between, sales, customer success, marketing and product teams.

Soft Skills
From our qualification and pre-screen conversations, our Consultants know the soft skills to look for, which are required. We look at a candidates ability to communicate effectively, their emotional intelligence and experience of working with multiple parties.

Whether it's coming from an enablement standpoint or that of sales operations, productivity and running a well oiled machine is key. Meeting and exceeding target and deadlines, ensures that the sales process is constantly optimised.

Adaptive identify candidates with a track record of creating a demonstrable impact.

We know that it is vital for candidates to be able to understand the data that comes from the sales team and their process. Candidates must know how to review this and pinpoint the changes required to improve performance.

Sales Operations will work to ensure their team are using the best technology to support their success. We search for candidates that understand how these tools impact performance.

We find Sales Enablement reps with a track record of improving their sales team through providing all the resources their team requires, such as marketing, training or content management.