Customer Success & Account Managers

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Customer Success & Account Managers

Adaptive understand the integral role that Customer Success and Account Managers play within our clients business. We're connected and networked with the high performing talent, which will help take your relationships further.

We recruit across the full spectrum, including focusing on professionals with market vertical expertise.

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    We screen all candidates to understand the customer book they managed, but what they did with it. Our focus is on Customer Success professionals who demonstrate an ability to meaningfully grow an account base

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    Technical Skills

    For technical customer-facing roles our team works to match product knowledge with client service skills, enabling candidates to hit the ground running with minimal ramp-up time

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    We provide clients detailed insight into candidates' previous account books, identifying synergies and working to ensure that strong prior performance will transfer into a new role

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    Our candidate search process balances corporate background with competencies and achievements, minimizing risk for clients. A rockstar CSM with an enterprise employer won't necessarily shine as brightly in a start-up team