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Adaptive are networked with experienced implementation specialists, who deeply understand a clients requirements and needs from the platform and have experience managing projects from initial implementation, through to live deployment providing on going support. Click here to go back to Adaptive Tech

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    Technical Lead

    Our candidates are technical experts within their field, acting as a key contact expert for the clients. They manage the setup and onboarding of new clients, ensuring that they provide solutions that meet their ongoing needs, whilst troubleshooting any issues experienced on the platform.

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    Subject Matter Expert

    Adaptive gain a detailed understanding of your requirements, allowing us to target candidates who bring knowledge and industry experience within your niche market vertical. This enables our candidates to hit the ground running from day one.

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    We target candidates that fit your organization and are able to effectively deliver and collaborate with various departments to ensure a holistic delivery of a solution, providing a smooth successful transition and experience for the client.

    They bring experience working with the sales team, as well as account management and customer success.

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    We identify candidates with a proven track record of working with the required tech stacks, software, platforms and programming languages. Whether it is experience with AWS, Microsoft Azure or databases such as MongoDB or Oracle, or skills with Python, Javascript, SQL or HTML.