Inside Sales & Account Executives

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Inside Sales

We source inside sales professionals with SaaS experience for all levels - LDR, SDR, Inside Sales Executives and Managers

A strong inside team can be the engine of customer acquisition, brand generalization and the growth of the sales funnel

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    We're looking for candidates who were competitive throughout education, played on (or captained) sports teams, secured top grades or demonstrated extra-curricular ambition and achievement.

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    For senior roles, our recruiters are focused on candidates with consecutive promotions with the same employer. A-team players who have proven their ability to out-perform the pack.

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    Sales Cycle

    We match requisite experience levels within the sales cycle. Clients looking for closers only won't receive profiles of early-stage telemarketers.

    Our Consultants identify the talent who bring experience developing relationships with new prospects which look to exceed revenue expectations and targets. They bring experience working on enterprise accounts, creating action plans whilst working with both client service and account management teams to ensure new business opportunities are realised and maximum customer satisfaction is achieved.

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    Sales skills only mean so much without context. We evaluate candidates' experience in terms of average deal size, customer size and deal complexity.

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